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About Us

ShopLife was created as a way for you to celebrate and share your love of shopping while paying it forward to those in need. We invite you to share your fabulous finds and shopping tips along with how it makes you feel. We offer an enjoyable community where you can express yourself and connect with like minds.  As for the “paying it forward” part? Through your purchases, ShopLife provides a portion of the proceeds to helping local individuals, children and families in need. For some of us, buying something for ourselves or someone we love lifts us up! It makes us feel good! It is important to us to share that “lift up” first, by lifting up those in need through our donations.

In addition, we want to lift up local women entrepreneurs! What better way to support, strengthen and sustain women, their families, children and communities by giving female designers an opportunity to launch and showcase their designs. It’s just another way for you to support local women, children and families in your community.

Shoplife Donates

A portion of our proceeds are donated to the Foundation for Sustainable Families to help local children and families in need. The foundation provides services, classes or resources such as individual or group therapy and counseling, mental health support, family management and crisis intervention, foster care and adoption, pre and post-adoption services and nutrition.  And, through the foundation’s Sustainable Family Farm, they donate all the food that is grown to local shelters. The farm is also used as a non-traditional safe place to engage with families to meet their social and emotional needs as they believe “gardening is therapy”. The farm welcomes kids from group homes, and hosts field trips for churches, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, grade school projects and all those wishing to help provide food to their local communities. We love this charity! For more information on how to help us support your community, click below. 

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Buy It Love It Share It

Pay it forward with every purchase! We are creating a way to celebrate shopping while supporting local causes. Shop from a selection of fun products, all inspired by our love of shopping. The best part? Lifting up others in the process! Not only will we be donating a portion of our proceeds to local children and families in need... we will showcase entrepreneurial women and their designs on our platform!  We value your feedback, so stay in touch on Facebook and Instagram