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About Us

Shop Life™ was created as a way for you to celebrate and share your love of shopping while paying it forward to those in need. We invite you to share your fabulous finds and shopping tips along with how it makes you feel. We offer an enjoyable community where you can express yourself and connect with like minds.  As for the “paying it forward” part? Through your purchases, Shop Life™ provides a portion of the proceeds to helping local individuals, children and families in need. For some of us, buying something for ourselves or someone we love lifts us up! It makes us feel good! It is important to us to share that “lift up” first, by lifting up those in need through our donations.

In addition, we want to lift up local women entrepreneurs! What better way to support, strengthen and sustain women, their families, children and communities by giving female designers an opportunity to launch and showcase their designs. It’s just another way for you to support local women, children and families in your community.