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What Fashion Girls Are Wearing This Fall

What Fashion Girls Are Wearing This Fall

  • Donna Morrison

Fall Fashion

It’s one of our favorite times of year…. FALL! It’s the season for pumpkin spice lattes, back to school wardrobe updates, and depending on where you live; a dip in temperatures and the beloved “sweater weather.” What is hot (or should we say, cool? See what we did there? #weatherpun) this fall? Here are a few of stand-outs that are on our radar right now! Read up, fashionistas!!


90’s inspired fashion is everywhere, from Friends sweatshirts, to the beloved Steve Madden slides and high waisted jeans. This is a great opportunity to buy a few vintage pieces (vintage = budget friendly) to add in to your wardrobe. Right now, neon, a 90’s staple, is making a major comeback. Just make sure you don’t over do it! Pair your neon piece with neutrals to keep it fresh. We like adding a pop of color with a neon pink t-shirt to switch up our typical jeans-tee-blazer look.  Another 90’s throwback? Overalls! This time around, they aren’t the big baggy kind worn with Dr. Martens, these are more tailored and sophisticated. Choose your overalls in various fabrics and textures, layer with a jacket and add a pair of booties for a modern look. Another 90’s inspired look? Tartan print. Even celebs like Hailey Baldwin have been spotted rocking this trend! We are seeing it in everything including blazers, mini-skirts, and flannels. Even though traditional color combos such as red, gray and blue are available, keep an eye out for bolder colors like hot pink or bright yellow!

Belt Bag

Okay, really it’s just an upgraded fanny pack, but don’t judge! Please note, the look isn’t even close to the fanny packs favored by throngs of parents at Disney World. These bags aren’t the shapeless sacks of years gone by, they come in fun shapes, colors and textures. Updated for 2018, this is a great way to carry just the essentials with you, have them totally accessible and still be right on trend. Everyone from Gucci to Urban Outfitters is carrying them. You are sure to find the perfect belt bag to fit your style and budget. Love the idea and want to give it a major update? Instead of wearing around your waist, try slinging it across your body like the girls on the runway. It’s also cute belted around a jacket or coat.


Any excuse to stay in stretchy, comfy clothes all day works for us. We are huge fans of a sporty, on trend look, even if the only running we do is to the clearance racks! #shoppingismycardio This trend is huge with celebrities like Kylie Jenner and gives those of you who are actually working out cute options to go from the gym, to class without a complete wardrobe change. What kicks should you wear with this sporty style? Sneakers of course! This season they are in all types of non-traditional fabrics, like velvet, satin and even faux fur! Mixing in athleisure pieces with pretty, feminine items is also a hot look. Wear your sneakers with a printed dress, or a baseball hat with a feminine blouse. We even like track pants with a tailored blazer.

While we are all about staying on trend when it comes to fashion, the reality is, when your first class starts at 8am, quick and comfy is key. Go-to leggings and the perfect baseball cap for those dry shampoo days are what really become daily staples. Our best fashion efforts are better suited for weekends and nights out! Shop now to update your leggings, tanks and caps that will still set you apart from the rest at  and have a great school year!